“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Hope heartbroken when she learns Liam slept with Steffy and Steffy is pregnant. Finn lambastes Liam for how he treated Steffy and Hope. Overhearing Hope saying what Liam did, Thomas surprises Hope. He tells Hope to give Liam a second chance. Hope is not sure she can. A stunned Wyatt tells Liam he cannot understand how he could do that. Wyatt knows Liam is over the edge when he sees vegan Liam eating a roast beef sandwich. Finn tells Steffy he wants to be a father to her child. She wants the same thing, and they profess the love they have for each other. Although she is waiting for the paternity test, Steffy says she prays the baby is his. If it is Liam’s, then they will work it out. After calling Liam a fool for cheating on Hope, Wyatt says Liam can move in with him. Ridge worries that Zoe and Zende are too close for comfort. Carter wonders why Zoe is stalling on setting a wedding date.


“THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: Abby is crushed when she is told she cannot have children. She thinks she is being punished for her previous miscarriage. Chance says they can have a child another way. She insists if she does not get to carry it herself, then she will feel worthless. Chance says they will work it out together. Faith is furious when she learns Sharon told Nikki about her drinking. Victoria and Nikki decide to head to Hawaii. Nate agrees to work at the clinic. He warns Lily not to put her faith in Billy. She tells him she is well-aware of Billy’s past. Traci tells Jack she will never be able to deal with the death of her daughter, Colleen. They hug each other. Jack is thrilled when Traci says he is like their late father, John. Still unable to speak due to her stroke. Chelsea thinks Adam wants to be with Sharon. Flo tells Summer that Sally is a nightmare and lists Sally’s transgressions. Lauren is thrilled with Sally’s ideas. When Sally tells Jack he is handsome, he tells her he is putting her on speed dial when he is feeling bad about himself. Kevin is blindsided when Gloria arrives and she is moving in with him and Chloe.

SNEAK PEEK: SUMMER DECIDES TO GO WITH THE FLOW “DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: After slapping Gwen for sleeping with Chad, Abby orders her out of the mansion. Abby says she knows they love each other, but now she has trust issues. She packs her bags and moves in with Jennifer and Jack. The duo is stunned when Gwen tells them Jack is her father. Back in town, Gabi tells Jake they are meant to be together. Jake says he is with Kate. Calling Kate a consolation prize, Gabi says he will leave Kate, but now she has a business proposal. She wants to reboot her Gabi Chic fashion line. Allie asks Marlena to hypnotize her so she can recall her rape. Ben tells Claire to stay away from Charlie. Gwen tells Jack and Jennifer she was a product of a one-night stand in Chicago. She vows to get even with him by hurting Abby, who was the golden child while she was treated like trash. She lashes at him when she says after her mother, Tiffany, died she was put into a cruel foster care home.


“GENERAL HOSPITAL”: Olivia is horrified when she realizes Ned slept with Alexis. Jax and Nina admit they love each other. Joss is upset when she learns Dev found her journal. Being accepted to Stanford, Cam is not sure he should attend. Michael and Willow sign annulment papers. Everyone in Port Charles mourns Sonny’s death. In fact, he is living in another town and has amnesia. He gets a bartending job. Joss lashes out at Ava. She screams that Morgan died because Ava switched Morgan’s bipolar meds with placebos. Trina cannot forgive Marcus for letting her think he was dead. Brittney tells Jason she does not need his help. Worried about Alexis, Valentin asks Martin to be her lawyer. When she resists, Martin says he is the only game in town. Liz tells Jason that he has been an awful father to Jake. She warns him that if he agrees to Franco’s wish — to kill him if his tumor causes Franco to relapse to his darkside — he will have to go through her. Without his medication, Sonny’s bipolar kicks in.


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